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We utilize the COSO, COBIT and ITIL internal control methodologies to successfully implement corporate governance and IT audit projects... More Info

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Infotech Global Network Security

Network Security

What is it ?

Network security is a process where people, processes and technology are combined to provide reasonable assurance that your external and internal networks are protected against unauthorized access, modification and disclosure of information. Network security is vital to the integrity of your financial systems.

How we help..

We professionally evaluate the enterprise network from the standpoint of a wide and deep list of risks and potential threats. We assess the network’s being available, reliable, recoverable, robust, and having sufficient capacity, both now and in the future. We assess immunity to and recoverability from viruses. We evaluate your IT employees’ knowledge and experience. We test the vulnerabilities of firewalls, servers, routers, wireless devices and PC's. We assess the process of physical security of your premises and your computer facilities. We translate the technical jargon into plain English, and rank the vulnerabilities by their risk, cost and implementation. We document your strengths and note areas needing improvement. Lastly, of course we help in the remediation of security weaknesses in preparation for the SOX certification.


Infotech Global Events
Infotech Global Events
Infotech Global is presenting a series of seminars throughout the US on Internal Control and Corporate Governance.

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Infotech Global Articles
Infotech Global Articles

We offer a list of published articles designed to assist our clients and seminar base.

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